We depend on the land for almost everything we have, no two sectors amplify the spectrum of our dependence and complicated relationship with the ground below us more than mining and agriculture

Effective mine planning and monitoring is of paramount importance for the success of operations. Drone solutions offer insights from 3-D visualisation of mines as they evolve to ensure robust inventory management, volume estimations, and safety reviews.

Mining conglomerates have the responsibility for providing our mineral and energy dependence while being answerable to production targets, ecological stakeholders and the state. Balancing between growth and restoration are two equally daunting challenges for any mine.



We provide drone mapping and surveying solutions that reproduce digital twins of mines to help with boundary lease compliance, blasting operations, pre-bid walks, haul road planning and, afforestation. 


By combining high resolution 3-D models, maps and videography into one solution we offer continuous monitoring of mine operations to track changes in stockpile volume, mine topography, safety roadmap, highwalls and haul roads.


Automated thermal and visual inspection of lease boundaries for encroachment, equipment for performance, and work sites for safety compliance ensure our services protect mine operators from fines and minimize shutdowns.