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DJI commercial drones provide a competitive advantage to businesses all over the world. Empower your people, reduce risks and digitize your workflow using DJI’s Enterprise line solutions.

DEALER OF DJI ENTERPRISE DRONES in West Africa Francophone Zone

in West Africa Francophone Zone

At KRANTH, we recognize the critical importance of providing our clients and partners with cutting-edge technologies that ensure both efficiency and safety in their operations. In the ever-evolving sector of unmanned aerial vehicles, access to the best technologies can be a challenge in certain regions. 

However, at KRANTH SARL, we have taken proactive measures to bridge this gap, ensuring that our clients and partners in our region have access to the world’s leading drone technologies. 

As a testament to our commitment, we have partnered with DJI Enterprise, the foremost drone company globally, to bring cost-effective yet high-quality drones and payloads to our clients. Our dedication goes beyond offering products; we have gone the extra mile to address the unique challenges in our region, ensuring that our clients and partners not only receive top-tier technology but also benefit from the expertise and support that comes with it. 

Choose KRANTH for unparalleled service and access to the best drone solutions in the world.

DJI Enterprise Drones

DJI Dock

DJI Docks are rugged, reliable, and are built to operate 24/7, it houses a Matrice 30 to lands, recharges, takes off, and executes missions.

Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise Series redefines industry standards for small commercial drones, built to perform on any missions.

M30 Series

DJI Matrice 30 series is the new generation of commercial drones. Reliable in the harshest of environments in portable design.

Phantom 4 RTK

Upgrade your next mapping mission with the Phantom 4 RTK – the most compact and accurate low altitude mapping solution.

M350 RTK

The next-generation M350 RTK combines intelligent features with powerful hardware to meet all your inspection expectations.

Mavic 3 M

Precision agriculture made easy. Accurate agriculture missions and environmental monitoring giving you insight into plant health.

DJI Playloads

Zenmuse H20T

The All-in-one inspection sensor. Gather multi-faceted data and cut down your inspection time without sacrificing accuracy.

Zenmuse P1

Efficient and accurate photogrammetry. Meet DJI's new full-frame sensor that gives you both speed and accuracy.

Zenmuse H20

Visual inspections made safe. Capture intricate details and precise elements from a safe distance using a lossless hybrid zoom sensor.

Zenmuse H20N

DJI Zenmuse H2ON is designed for Night Missions. Equipped with starlight sensors that can detect light sources as low as 0.0001 Lux.

Zenmuse L2

LiDAR scanning made accessible. With a point rate of 240,000 pts/s the L2 reliably gives you effective and accurate point clouds.

Zenmuse U10

The U10 is a gas detection sensor that uses TDLAS to identify methane leaks from up to 100m away or at concentrations as low as 5ppm.

3rd Party Payloads

M300 RTK supports third-party payloads for specialized missions and
tasks, including non-camera payloads such as Soarability Siffer4D and

PhaseOne P3

The P3 is an integrated drone imaging solution that enhances productivity, offers a wider range of inspection capabilities.

Soarability Sniffer4D

The Sniffer4D enables you to accurately collect, analyse and visualise hyper-local air pollution information.

Soarability Speedip

Speedip is a smart drone-based water sampling system that offers efficient water sampling and situational awareness.

Share UAV 102S

The payload features a five-lens aerial oblique camera that makes data collection much quicker and accurate without the use of GCPs.

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