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Discover our wide range of high-performance drones available for rent, equipped to meet your specific needs and elevate your projects to new heights with ease.

KRANTH’ rental changes the way you access the latest DJI drones and technology.

There are multiple benefits of renting, and our service is available to only commercial Companies or Remote Drone Pilots in Senegal or West and Central Africa. 

Save Money: Significantly cheaper than purchasing the equipment outright.

Dynamic Scaling: Have the equipment only when you need it, without making a long-term hardware commitment.

Access The Latest Technology: Hire the latest equipment. When the technology changes, it doesn’t negatively impact your company or drone programme – simply rent the newest gear.

Try Before You Buy: Test on a hire basis, before deciding to buy. 

Less Risk: Don’t be lumbered with redundant kit or equipment you use infrequently – having paid a large sum to buy it. This also ensures you do not suffer depreciation of your assets.

Stress-free Rental: Each rental drone benefits from regular service intervals. If you do crash the drone, don’t panic – faults and repairs are outsourced back to us.

How does Drone Rental Work – Six simple steps to KRANTH rentals.

  • #1 Choose Equipment – (Choose the equipment you would like to hire from KRANTH.)
  • #2 Select Dates – (Select the dates from the live availability selector on our website.)
  • #3 Choose Equipment – (Upload relevant documentation such as proof of training and insurance.)
  • #4 Checkout Online – (Choose the equipment you would like to hire from KRANTH.
  • #5 Receive Equipment – (Choose the equipment you would like to hire from KRANTH.)
  • #6 Collection & Return – (Pack your equipment up for courier collection on last day.)

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