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Founded in 2016, KRANTH SARL  is the leading provider of geographic data acquisition, industrial inspections, and high-end aerial imagery, using unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

We have extensive knowledge and experience in geodesy, topographic surveying, CVI and thermal inspections, LIDAR, aerial imagery and 3D visualisations into one company.  We are the enterprise in Africa that focuses on solving social challenges and local and regional needs through the use of appropriate robotics (UAVs) and AI technologies in a sustainable, meaningful and responsible manner.

Our head office is located in Dakar, Senegal and we have established partnerships with local companies in most West African countries (Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Togo, Nigeria, Mali, Benin, Gambia, Niger).

Our Team

We have a growing network of fully qualified pilots and are able to respond to enquiries and deliver our services right across West Africa. Being part of the West Africa Drone Operators Council, we have access to a network of Africa-leading drone operators.

Tiamiyou RADJI


Augustin Garcia Martinez


Bernard Olivier LEA

Quality/Safety Manager

Adja Aminata MBENGUE




Steven Henri TOSSOU

Telepilot & Responsible Maintenance



Steven Henri TOSSOU

Telepilote & Responsible Entretien

Advisory Council

Dream Team


Dr Serigne T. KANDJI


Djiby SY


Dream Team


Qualifications And Approvals

KRANTH SARL hold ANACIM’s (Agence Nationale de l’Aviation Civile et de la Météorologie) authorization number 00560/ANACIM/DG/DSV/DOL.

We are approved for multi-rotor and fixed wing operations for the “Class 3 : Masse > 25 kg & Category C Professionnel”

All KRANTH SARL remote pilots have certifications approved by the Civil Aviation and adapted to the drones they use and also hold the UK GVC & A2 CofC Certification

ANACIM Senegal


Coronavirus / COVID-19 Business Continuity Statement

Updated 04 December 2022 (v0-1)

With the ongoing coronavirus / COVID-19 global pandemic, it is important for us all to act responsibly, to take all necessary precautions and to avoid unnecessary risks. At KRANTH SARL we’re doing everything we can to continue to provide services to our clients but only where this can be done safely and in line with current Government guidance and any temporary COVID-19 legislation. 

Guidance in England now states that people may return to places of work, where it is safe to do so (‘COVID-Secure’) and if work cannot be carried out from home. In line with our own policies and after discussions with our clients, we have put in place a number of important measures to keep our team, their families, our clients and the wider population safe as we deliver our services:

We are maintaining staff distancing by working from home for anything other than training, equipment maintenance and testing or on-site image and data capture work. Our office phone and IT systems are designed for remote working with office calls being diverted to mobiles. When not at home we are ensuring that a distance of at least 2m is maintained at all times between personnel from different households. If 2m is not possible, we will implement the ‘1m +’ guidance but with mitigation measures in place including face coverings.

We are wiping down and cleaning our equipment 

including vehicle internal surfaces (including steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake and other internal controls and handles) and external door handles after each use.

Where we need a crew of two or more to complete a project:

For a crew of 2 – Our Toyota Highlander. Passenger to sit on the nearside rear seat (diagonally distant from driver). Both driver and passenger to wear face coverings and windows to be opened when possible.

For any additional crew – Separate single-occupancy vehicles. 

Equipment will be segregated and sanitised before the start of work so that each crew member only comes into contact with the equipment they need to use.

Our crews will each carry a supply of sanitising wipes, disposable gloves and fabric face coverings. Clean water, soap and paper hand towels will be provided to maintain good hand cleanliness at all times. Hands must be washed for 20 seconds when arriving at work, before eating, at regular intervals during the day, when completing work and on arrival at home.

The very nature of our on-site work means that we maintain good separation (30m) between our crew and any other site personnel or members of the public. We will ensure that we maintain at least 2m distancing between team members in line with WHO and Senegal Govt guidelines and will use the tools we have available to us (including phones and radios) to maintain this separation.

If 2m separation is not possible, we will implement ‘1m +’ guidance but with mitigation measures in place including face coverings.

Our team members have all been fully briefed and are aware of coronavirus symptoms to look out for. They will self-isolate as needed in line with Senegal Govt guidelines and will notify the Directors immediately if this happens.

We are actively monitoring official WHO and Senegal Govt guidance and will continue to adapt our procedures as needed.

The majority of the time we are able to fly our drones from an off-site and unobtrusive location, minimising any contact with other people and maintaining large (>30m) separation distances. Our data and image collection can be completed quickly and safely and we have a zero harm approach to health and safety.  In certain situations, such as building inspections, we may need to come into contact with members of the public, for example when notifying them of our activities or when operating our drones in less rural locations. In these situations we will put the following further measures in place

Where there is a tangible risk that a distancing separation of 2m may be compromised when working outdoors, for example by a member of the public approaching our crew, our crews will wear a fabric face covering extending over the nose and mouth.

Where members of the public do not adhere to safe distancing, our crew members will, where possible, retreat to a safe distance. Our work will stop if safe distances cannot be maintained due to the location or to the continued actions of members of the public.

Where a visit to a project site requires a site safety induction, we will ask for this to be provided remotely before attending the site. If this is not possible, the site manager must confirm that arrangements are in place to maintain >2m distancing.

Where a crew member needs to notify building occupants of our drone operations, the following approach will be used:

A sufficient number of notices will be printed and folded in 

advance, ready for letterbox delivery. This will reduce the time spent on doorsteps.

The crew member will:

Before starting notifications, put on disposable gloves.

Restrict contact only to items such as a doorbell, intercom or door knocker and avoid contact with any other element of the building entrance where physically possible.

Retreat to a safe separation distance (>4m in case building occupant moves out towards them) and await a response.

Interact with the building occupant only at the safe separation distance.

Never enter any building

If there is no response, a pre-prepared notice will be delivered.

Once all notifications are complete, the crew member will return to their vehicle, safely remove and bin disposable gloves and then wash their hands using the water and soap provided prior to undertaking any further tasks.

Any surfaces that the crew member touched on the vehicle prior to removing gloves and washing hands will be wiped down using the disinfectant wipes. We recognise that the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and will review this policy on a monthly basis or more frequently as required in line with the very latest World Health Organisation (WHO) and Senegal Govt Guidance.>

If you have any questions about the measures we are taking, or would like to receive our full Coronavirus / COVID-19 Policy Statement including how we deal with one of team becoming symptomatic whilst at work, please don’t hesitate to call us on +221 76 742 44 47 / 78 121 65 55and forgive us for any home-schooling noises that you may hear in the background when we answer.

Stay safe. Best wishes from the KRANTH SARL team.