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Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Solar Panel Thermal Inspection

Solar panel inspection forms an important part of quality control and periodic maintenance schedules. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Drone technology proves an efficient method of validating installations and helps maintain maximum operational output from aging infrastructures. This enables operators to substantially reduce the time spent inspecting solar fields and instead target their resources and finances towards deficient panels only.

Photovoltaic panels emit a certain amount of heat and due to prolonged exposure, defective panels give off more heat than optimally functioning panels. This difference in temperature can be detected using an infrared thermal imaging camera installed on our drones.

(Drone Solar Panel Inspection involve identification of defects such as: overheating due to defective bypass diodes, short circuits and falling connection, penetration of moisture and /or dirt, cracked cells or glass cracks, failed or disconnected modules, mismatched panels with different capacities or wiring faults, Hotspots, Micro cracking, Complete panel failure, Pollution and mould build up, Potential damage after storms, Defective Cells, False Plantation Growth, etc.)



Our reports can be used for warranty and certification purposes, Insurance, maintenance contracts or presented to the panel manufacturer.

We also conduct land survey for initial planning of solar farm, providing cut/fill volume estimation for flattening the land, contour lines, digital elevation model, orthophoto, 3D models. Drone survey is very helpful, as it is quick and also produces actual view of the land which is not possible in traditional survey techniques.