Aerial Surveys and Mapping (2D & 3D)

Using a range of drones, KRANTH SARL provide high resolution orthomosaics and topographic surveys for a wide range of applications including civil engineering, construction, agriculture and Land Registry boundary verification.

We can provide up-to-date and more detailed imagery that is available from widely-used satellite sources and can complement traditional ground-based surveying and mapping techniques leading to significant and impressive time savings on the ground.

Standard Mapping Service

Our standard photogrammetry-based mapping service produces web-viewable orthomosaics with a Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of 2.5cm. 

The web-based software can produce Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Digital Surface Models (DSMs) allowing you to measure distance, areas and relative heights as standard. Outputs can also be tailored to meet your project-specific and individual needs.

RTK Enhanced Surveying

For applications requiring a greater degree of absolute accuracy than our standard mapping service, we can arrange for the placement of RTK pre-surveyed Ground Control Points (GCPs) to dramatically enhance Absolute Accuracy and reduce GSDs down to sub-centimetre levels.

With only a small number of GCPs, our RTK enhanced surveying and mapping service can achieve Absolute Accuracies to RTK tolerances as low as 30mm and can lead to significant time savings compared to traditional ground-based surveying methods.

We can provide output data in a range of formats suitable for surveying use including Densified Point Clouds. LAS and. LAZ.

We’re specialized in offering a mapping package with:

Relative Horizontal Accuracy – 50mm

Relative Vertical Accuracy – 75mm

Absolute Accuracy at GPS tolerance – 5m

2D/3D Aerial Survey

Mining Survey

Volume Calculation

GIS Data and Post-Processing


Volumetric Analysis

Volumetric data

3D Point Cloud

Orth mosaic raster

DTM (Digital Terrain Models)

DEM (Digital Elevation Models)

DSM (Digital Surface Models)

Contour lines

Google Maps / Mapbox tiles

Raw Images