The source of our sustenance is as diverse and vast as the global family that produces the food we eat. Drone solutions bring in timely disruption to a sector whose time to reap the benefits of precision management has come.We combine drones and satellite images with other digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets and field sensors to provide farmers with information about their crops and soil conditions.

KRANTH relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) to develop solutions adapted to small farmers. We use computer vision and in-depth learning algorithms to gain knowledge from the data captured by the drones. Our solutions are predictive models for monitoring and predicting crop diseases, nutritional and water stress and their impact on yields.

Drone Solutions can enable growth

We have built and deployed drone solutions for agribusiness farm and yield management that integrate insights about physical dimensions, ownership, crop count and crop health of farms spread across thousands of sq. kms. Yield estimation, due diligence and performance management are some of the possibilities that can blossom from our solutions.



We digitise agricultural fields to measure farm boundaries and sowing areas for accurate produce and seed management. We map these digital farms on to farm owners and area managers for yield estimation.


By combining near real time mapping with crop health inputs we help project yield over time and, measure areas that are under-performing.


We offer near real time crop health monitoring over the entire lifecycle of the crop using authentic data that can be used to direct efforts against weeds, crop diseases and pests.